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STVP is committed to dismantling systemic barriers and forging more equitable pathways for educational, vocational, and personal achievement, especially for those historically underrepresented in entrepreneurship and innovation education. Read our full statement.

STVP accelerates entrepreneurship education at Stanford and around the world.

As the entrepreneurship center in Stanford’s School of Engineering, the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) is a lab that creates and delivers courses to students and offers extracurricular programs to the Stanford community. Housed within the Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) Department, our affiliated-faculty create scholarly research on high-impact tech ventures that informs our growing collection of online educational resources for educators, entrepreneurs and organizations around the world on Stanford eCorner.

Core Team


Tom Byers

Faculty Director, STVP

Tom Byers

Chuck Eesley

Associate Professor, MS&E

Headshot of Chuck Eesley

Kathleen Eisenhardt

Professor, MS&E

Kathleen Eisenhardt

Riitta Katila

Faculty Director of Research, STVP

Riitta Katila

Tina Seelig

Faculty Director, STVP

Tina Seelig

Robert Sutton

Professor, MS&E



Nora Cata

Growth Marketing Specialist

Nora Cata

Rachel Julkowski

Managing Director

Rachel Julkowski

Eunice Kim

Program Coordinator

Eunice Kim

Betsy Klein

Global Programs Manager

Betsy Klein

Ryan Shiba

Director, Operations and Finance

Ryan Shiba

Luke Sykora

Editor & Producer

Luke Sykora

Lecturers, Adjunct Professors, and Adjunct Lecturers

Management Science & Engineering Fenwick & West Entrepreneurship Educators

Affiliated Stanford Faculty

Margaret Brandeau
Management Science & Engineering
Richard Dasher
Electrical Engineering
Jeff Schox, Esq.
Mechanical Engineering
George Foster
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Ashish Goel
Management Science & Engineering
Sharad Goel
Management Science & Engineering
Pamela Hinds
Management Science & Engineering
Perry Klebahn
Stanford d.school
Michael Lyons
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fern Mandelbaum
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Valerie Red-Horse Mohl
Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE)
Woody Powell
Hayagreeva Rao
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Amin Saberi
Management Science & Engineering
Jeremy Utley
Stanford d.school
Melissa Valentine
Management Science & Engineering
John Weyant
Management Science & Engineering

Current Visiting Faculty

Rahul Kapoor
University of Pennsylvania

Past Visiting Faculty

Robert Eberhart
Santa Clara University
Anil Gupta
University of Maryland
Matthew Hayward
University of Colorado
Peter Kelly
Aalto University
Ricardo San Martin
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Stefan Meisiek
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Alan Meyer
University of Oregon
Peter Russo
Munich University of Applied Sciences
Sonali Shah
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Patricio del Sol
Universidad del Desarrollo
Patricia Thornton
Duke University
Joe Tranquillo
Bucknell University
Mary Tripsas
Boston College
Song Wang
Zhejiang University
Noam Wasserman
Harvard University
Poh Kam Wong
National University of Singapore

Board of Advisors

Ravi Belani
Stanford University and Alchemist Accelerator
Steve Blank
Stanford University and Lean LaunchPad
Navin Chaddha
Mayfield Fund
Jason Cheng
Livewell Neurosurgery
Dan Dorosin
Fenwick & West
Jack Fuchs
Stanford University and Blackhorn Ventures
Tess Hatch
Bessemer Ventures
Mar Hershenson
Stanford University and Pear VC
Grace Isford
Canvas Ventures
Ping Li
Emily Ma
Stanford University and Google
Ann Miura-Ko
Andrew Nelson
University of Oregon
Heidi Roizen
Stanford University and Threshold Ventures
Evan Tana
Julie Zhuo

STVP offers our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of our past advisors for their support and guidance since our inception:

Sarah Arora, Nick Bambos, Jim Breyer, Teresa Briggs, Shona Brown, Gordon Davidson, Harry Elam, Peter Fenton, Ben Hallen, Andrew Hargadon, Jeff Hawkins, Jean-Francois Heitz, Mir Imran, Lauryn Isford, Mike Klausner, Jeffrey Koseff, Kathy Ku, John Lilly, John Mitchell, Donna Novitsky, Jim Plummer, Karen Richardson, Bernie Roth, Filipe Santos, Ted Schlein, Carla Shatz, Jim Sweeney, Phil Weilerstein, Jennifer Widom, Paul Yock, and Stefanos Zenios.


Along with our current sponsors, STVP graciously thanks all of the individuals, companies and foundations that have supported our work to accelerate entrepreneurship education since 1999.



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475 Via Ortega
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4121
(650) 723-2164

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