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Stanford offers an abundance of entrepreneurship courses, activities, and resources. It can be overwhelming! STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, is here to help. We welcome students from any background, experience level, and field of study to accelerate their entrepreneurial learning journey. We provide transformative learning experiences that help you develop entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, mindsets, and networks.

Student Learning Paths

“I came to Stanford with no entrepreneurship experience. At the student-run accelerator Cardinal Ventures, I got a front-row seat to an incredible array of startups and the challenges they face. STVP guided me towards courses that inspired me. Professor Katila’s MS&E 175 brought in leaders from PayPal’s product innovation lab, which catalyzed my interest in product management and creative cultures. I then joined the founding team of a startup as product manager during my gap year.” – Michelle Schwartzman, MS&E ’23

Michelle Schwartzman's Learning Path

“Before Stanford, I co-founded a social impact organization to economically empower homeless single mothers and support their children. I wanted to plug into the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Stanford, but I wasn’t sure how. STVP has been a cornerstone in my journey — STVP-affiliated courses, PEAK Fellows, and close mentorship from STVP-affiliated faculty have all enriched my learning and experiences.” – Shreya Mantha, MS&E ’23

Shreya Mantha's Learning Path

“To me, STVP means support, inspiration, flexibility, and countless opportunities to grow and learn. Through STVP, I am furthering my interest in entrepreneurship, technology, and public policy. My ambition is to develop technology-based solutions to problems affecting marginalized communities. I am thrilled to be part of the collaborative community, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the diversity of opinions that encompass STVP.” – Alahji Barry, CS ’23

Alahji Barry's Learning Path

STVP’s Approach


Design your entrepreneurial learning path with STVP-affiliated courses. We welcome students from any background, any experience level, and any field of study to accelerate their journey with STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center.
Course level definitions: Beginner Courses – All are welcome! No prerequisites. No prior entrepreneurial experience needed. Intermediate Courses – We recommend that before enrolling in an intermediate course, students either take one beginner course, participate in an entrepreneurship club, or engage in small-scale entrepreneurship or design thinking projects. Advanced Courses – We recommended that before enrolling in an advanced course, students take one intermediate course (or gain equivalent experience). Advanced courses usually involve intensive team projects. Doctoral Courses – Open to Ph.D. students. Please check course details for formal prerequisites. In some cases, prerequisites can be waived at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Foundational Skills

    Build a toolkit of fundamental skills for the venture ecosystem.

  • MS&E 140
    Instructor(s): John Lord
  • MS&E 178
    Instructor(s): Ravi Belani, Emily Ma
  • MS&E 193
    Instructor(s): Herb Lin
  • ME 208
    Instructor(s): Jeffrey Schox, Diana Lin
  • MS&E 240
    Instructor(s): John Lord
  • MS&E 275
    Instructor(s): Ann Miura-Ko
  • MS&E 276
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers, Trevor Loy
  • MS&E 278
    Instructor(s): Jeffrey Schox, Diana Lin
  • MS&E 293
    Instructor(s): Herb Lin
  • ME 306B
    Instructor(s): Gregory Horowitt, Ade Mabogunje, Larry Leifer, Neeraj Sonalkar, Phillip Wickham
  • ME 378
    Instructor(s): Barbara Karanian
  • Purposeful Entrepreneurship

    Define and harness values to motivate principled decision-making and lead mission-driven organizations.

  • MS&E 79SI
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers
  • ENGR 148
    Instructor(s): Jack Fuchs
  • CSRE 161P
    Instructor(s): Valerie Red-Horse Mohl
  • BIOE 177
    Instructor(s): Drew Endy, Tina Seelig, Lisa K Solomon
  • MS&E 188
    Instructor(s): Pamela Hinds
  • CHEMENG 189
    Instructor(s): Joseph DeSimone, Crista Leigh Farrell, Prima Dewi Sinawang
  • ENERGY 203A
    Instructor(s): David Danielson, Joel Moxley, Jane Woodward
  • ENERGY 203
    Instructor(s): David Danielson, Joel Moxley, Jane Woodward
  • EARTHSYS 213
    Instructor(s): Chris Field, Brian Sharbono, Steve Weinstein
  • ENGR 248
    Instructor(s): Jack Fuchs
  • EE 292H
    Instructor(s): Leslie Field
  • BIOE 375
    Instructor(s): Narges Baniasadi, Lyn Denend
  • BIOE 394
    Instructor(s): Narges Baniasadi
  • Tech Leadership

    Develop knowledge, skills, and mindset to lead technology-intensive teams and organizations.

  • ENGR 140B
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers, Ann Miura-Ko
  • ENGR 140C
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers, Ann Miura-Ko
  • ENGR 140A
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers, Ann Miura-Ko
  • MS&E 146
    Instructor(s): Blake Johnson
  • MS&E 180
    Instructor(s): Kathleen Eisenhardt, Rosanne Siino
  • MS&E 182B
    Instructor(s): Robert Sutton
  • MS&E 182A
    Instructor(s): Robert Sutton
  • CEE 246A
    Instructor(s): Michael Lyons
  • MS&E 249
    Instructor(s): Blake Johnson
  • CEE 250
    Instructor(s): Anand Subramani, Jiaona Zhang, Gunguk Kim
  • MS&E 270
    Instructor(s): Kathleen Eisenhardt
  • MS&E 271
    Instructor(s): Lynda Kate Smith, Victoria Woo
  • MS&E 277A
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers
  • MS&E 277B
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers
  • MS&E 280
    Instructor(s): Robert Sutton, Rosanne Siino
  • ME 368
    Instructor(s): Perry Klebahn, Kathryn Segovia, Jeremy Utley
  • MS&E 372
    Instructor(s): Chuck Eesley
  • BIOE 376
    Instructor(s): Stefanos Zenios
  • MS&E 489
    Instructor(s): Perry Klebahn, Kathryn Segovia, Jeremy Utley
  • Experiential Learning

    Learn by doing with project-based courses.

  • ENGR 145
    Instructor(s): Chuck Eesley, Rebeca Hwang, Pedram Mokrian
  • CHEMENG 196
    Instructor(s): Ricardo Levy, Howard Rosen, Valerie Niemann
  • ENGR 245
    Instructor(s): Steve Blank, Jeff Epstein, Steve Weinstein, Mar Hershenson, Heidi Roizen, Tom Bedecarré
  • CEE 246
    Instructor(s): Raymond Levitt, Michael Lyons, Pedram Mokrian
  • MS&E 272
    Instructor(s): Chuck Eesley, Vimbayi Kajese
  • MS&E 273
    Instructor(s): Raymond Levitt, Michael Lyons, Pedram Mokrian
  • MS&E 274
    Instructor(s): Edison Tse
  • EDUC 295
    Instructor(s): Sergio Monsalve, Ryan Brennan
  • CHEMENG 296
    Instructor(s): Ricardo Levy, Howard Rosen, Valerie Niemann
  • MS&E 297
    Instructor(s): Steve Blank, Joe Felter, Steve Weinstein, Tom Bedecarré
  • ME 301
    Instructor(s): Perry Klebahn, Jeremy Utley
  • BIOE 377
    Instructor(s): Stefanos Zenios
  • Innovation/Creativity

    Develop strategies to drive technology innovation and spark creative solutions.

  • MS&E 175
    Instructor(s): Riitta Katila
  • CHEMENG 289
    Instructor(s): Joseph DeSimone, Crista Leigh Farrell, Prima Dewi Sinawang
  • MS&E 370
    Instructor(s): Kathleen Eisenhardt
  • MS&E 371
    Instructor(s): Riitta Katila
  • EALC 402T
    Instructor(s): Richard Dasher
  • MS&E 472
    Instructor(s): Ravi Belani, Tom Byers, Emily Ma
  • All Areas

These courses are a curated list of Stanford entrepreneurship offerings. The Stanford Graduate School of Business provides an MBA student perspective. ExploreCoures offers an expansive list with the ability to search by quarter and key term.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m unsure which courses to take…

  • I’m not an engineering student. Can I take STVP-affiliated courses?
    • Yes! We encourage students from any Stanford school, discipline, major, background, and experience level to take STVP-affiliated courses and develop their entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, mindsets, and networks.
  • I’m curious about venture capital (VC) and finance. Which courses do you recommend?
    • MS&E 472 – Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders’ Seminar
    • MS&E 140/240 – Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs
    • MS&E 145 – Introduction to Finance and Investment
    • MS&E 146/249 – Corporate Financial Management
    • MS&E 276 – Entrepreneurial Management and Finance
    • Courses in the Economics department and the Graduate School of Business may also be helpful.

I’m looking to pursue entrepreneurial learning outside of the classroom…

  • Which student organizations should I join? How do I join them?
  • Which STVP fellows program is right for me?
    • Every STVP fellows program will help you develop as an entrepreneurial leader, understand how to navigate the venture ecosystem, and connect you with a vibrant network of peers, alumni, and mentors. Learn more.

I’m working on a startup…

  • In which courses can I work on my startup idea?
    • BIOE 375 – Biodesign and Entrepreneurship for Societal Health
    • BIOE 376 – Startup Garage: Design
    • BIOE 377 – Startup Garage: Testing and Launch
    • CHEMENG 196/296 – Creating and Leading New Ventures in Engineering and Science-based Industries
    • CSRE 161P – Entrepreneurship for Social and Racial Equity
    • EARTHSYS 213 – Hacking for Climate and Sustainability
    • EDUC 295 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education Technology Seminar
    • ENGR 145 – Technology Entrepreneurship
    • ENGR 245 – Lean LaunchPad
    • ME 301 – LaunchPad: Design and Launch your Product or Service
    • MS&E 272 – Entrepreneurship without Borders
    • MS&E 273 – Venture Creation for the Real Economy
    • MS&E 274 – Dynamic Entrepreneurial Strategy
    • MS&E 297 – Hacking for Defense


Our sincere thanks to Brandon Farwell, General Partner at Xfund, for supporting learning paths and the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network, and to Fenwick for supporting STVP-affiliated courses taught by adjunct faculty, in partnership with Management Science & Engineering.

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