Scaling responsible innovation practices with stakeholders in communities around the world

STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, is leading an inclusive, global movement that elevates the standards of entrepreneurship. Working with diverse communities of entrepreneurship educators, startup teams, investors, and policymakers, we strengthen ecosystems together.

Corporate Innovation & leadership Affiliate Program

STVP – the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center is now accepting enrollment for the Corporate Innovation & Leadership program. Leaders looking to better support innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in their organizations can join STVP’s new program for access to the latest research from Stanford faculty and PhD students.

Principled Entrepreneurship: Action & Knowledge

STVP – the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center’s Principled Entrepreneurship: Action & Knowledge (PEAK) project elevates applied ethics in entrepreneurship. We produce world-class teaching materials and research that empower students and enterprises to adopt effective values and principles. This vital work at Stanford University is a collaboration with Duke University and the University of St. Thomas.

Imagine a future where every student of innovation & entrepreneurship is equipped to brave ethical complexity

Designing Organizational Change Project

Designing Organizational Change Project

The mission of the Designing Organizational Change Project is to help leaders and teams change their organization for the better. A collaboration between STVP – the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center and our home department of Management Science & Engineering, the project develops solutions that spur constructive beliefs and actions.

The project brings together students, faculty, and leaders from a host of for-profit and non-profit organizations to uncover and test promising solutions in our classes, studies, and projects with organizations. The project conducts basic and applied research to understand why and when approaches are (and are not) useful, and shares these lessons in academic and applied reports, case studies, and change tools.

Global Programs

Entrepreneurship education is in great demand everywhere. Our global programs help forward-thinking universities and faculty to develop high-impact entrepreneurship and innovation curriculum and programs for their students.

Our program offerings include developing multi-year collaborations that blend faculty exchange and curriculum development opportunities with exposure to research and student engagement practices used at Stanford University. Additionally, these relationships support our collaborators in increasing impact and visibility in their regional ecosystems.

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