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Stanford ETL: How Strava Found Its Niche

"Go an inch wide and a mile deep." Mark Gainey, co-founder and executive chairman of Strava, explores how focusing on the niche category of passionate road cyclists helped the company to sustainably scale.

MS&E Faculty Win Research Award

STVP faculty co-directors', MS&E Assoc. Prof. Chuck Eesley and MS&E Prof. Kathy Eisenhardt, article "Failure is an option: Institutional change, entrepreneurial risk, and new firm growth," wins award for Responsible Research in Mgmt.

Building Billion Dollar Businesses

Unicorns aren’t random occurrences. In fact, truly massive tech companies share some very similar DNA. Listen to MS&E Lecturer and Alchemist Accelerator's managing director, Ravi Belani's Stanford ETL talk.

Too Many Experts Can Hurt Your Innovation Projects

Revisit MS&E Professor and STVP Co-Director Riitta Katila's research, mentioned in HBR, on how having too many doctors on a team could be a liability for young companies trying to innovate.