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Stanford ETL: Networking with Curiosity

The best networking, advises Cisco executive vice president Amy Chang, isn’t simply transactional. Instead, it should be rooted in a deep curiosity about other people and is about helping others based on affinity and friendship.

MS&E Professor and Ph.D. Graduate Win ISA Best Paper Award

MS&E professor Riitta Katila and Ph.D. graduate Sruthi Thatchenkery win Industry Studies Association’s 2020 Best Conference Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award.

Crisis Innovation Series

A crisis is an opportunity to think like an entrepreneur. STVP has pulled together video clips, articles and podcast episodes about how innovators find agency amid recessions, disruptions and uncertainties. New content continually added.

Career Discovery in Crisis

MS&E adjunct professor Steve Blank shares how the customer discovery methodology can be applied to decision-making during career pivots. Here's how to navigate a career reinvention in the midst of COVID-19.