Student Programs

World-class fellowships and extracurricular activities for Stanford students passionate about entrepreneurship.

STVP provides many ways for students to expand their entrepreneurship education beyond the classroom. From skill-development opportunities and small group events to innovative, hands-on fellowship programs, Stanford students from a diverse range of backgrounds can develop an entrepreneurial mindset by immersing themselves in cohorts of changemakers.


Mayfield Fellows

The Mayfield Fellows program (MFP) offers an unparalleled opportunity for 12 students, from any major, to develop the theoretical understanding, practical knowledge and leadership skills needed to establish and scale high-growth tech companies. Over nine months, fellows build an entrepreneurial mindset through courses, mentoring, networking activities and a paid summer internship at a Silicon Valley startup.

PEAK Fellows

PEAK Fellows offers 16 Stanford undergraduate and co-term students the opportunity to develop their personal principles for entrepreneurial leadership. These principles are designed to help guide each fellow as they shape teams and align their career decisions with their values. Over the course of a quarter, fellows build a values-based entrepreneurial mindset and toolkit within the close-knit cohort through honest discussions and mentoring from alumni and peers.

Threshold Venture Fellows

Handcrafted for a dozen Stanford School of Engineering master’s students interested in entrepreneurial ventures, Threshold Venture Fellows (TVF) program guides fellows to engage in deep discussions on entrepreneurial leadership. With a front-row seat to venture creation and growth, fellows have opportunities to observe local venture capitalists and receive industry mentorship from professionals and a growing alumni network.

Accel Leadership Program

The Accel Leadership program is an immersive six-month program that prepares 24 technically-minded Stanford juniors, seniors, and graduate students to lead entrepreneurial ventures through workshops and team-based case study projects. Accel Fellows will learn about startup strategy, organizational structure, fundraising, and operating models by working in teams, with a high growth venture CEO, to create and present a case study on a real-world business problem.

Which fellowship program is right for me?

Every STVP Fellowship will help you develop skills in entrepreneurial leadership and venture creation, and connect you to a vibrant network of fellows and mentors.

So which fellowship program is right for you? If you are interested in…
    • working a paid summer internship with mentorship from experts and peers, and are an undergraduate Stanford student, explore the Mayfield Fellows Program. Application opens in December. Program runs Spring through Fall. Learn more.
    • developing principles for entrepreneurial leadership and are a Stanford undergraduate or co-term student, explore the PEAK Fellows Program. Application opens Spring quarter. Program runs Summer through Fall. Learn more.
    • problem-solving through case-based team learning, and are a Stanford junior, senior, or graduate student, explore the Accel Leadership Program. Application opens in August. Program runs Winter through Spring. Learn more.
  • understanding the venture capital ecosystem and are a Stanford Engineering master’s student, explore the Threshold Venture Program. Application opens in August. Program runs Winter through Spring. Learn more.

Stanford Entrepreneurship Network

The Stanford Entrepreneurship Network is a federation of university programs and student groups offering opportunities for the Stanford community to learn and explore various aspects of entrepreneurship. Member organizations collaborate on events, and meet often to discuss and share new initiatives. We specifically encourage all Stanford students to learn about SEN member organizations and to seek out programming and opportunities that complement your education.