Xfund Ethics Fellows

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Develop guiding principles for entrepreneurial leadership

Xfund Ethics Fellows, formerly PEAK Fellows, offers 16 Stanford undergraduate and co-term students the opportunity to develop their personal principles for entrepreneurial leadership. These principles are designed to help guide each fellow as they shape teams and align their career decisions with their values. Over the course of a quarter, fellows build a values-based entrepreneurial mindset and toolkit within the close-knit cohort through honest discussions and mentoring from alumni and peers. Xfund Ethics Fellows is part of the Ethics in Entrepreneurship Project through STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center.

Current Cohort

Joey Chen

Design, Communication, Theater and Performance Studies

Pear Chotbunwong

Science, Technology & Society

Muhammad Dhafer

Economics and Computer Science

Ezra Feleke

Computer Science

Benjamin Gao

Math, Computer Science, Management Science & Engineering

Aksh Garg

Computer Science

Murtaza Hussain

Public Policy

Jackson Kinsella

Economics & Education

Lily Loughridge

Symbolic Systems

Ismail Mardin

Computer Science and Bioengineering

Lauren Owens

Computer Science & Public Policy

Asukuku Songolo

International Relations

Jamie Ullman

Computer Science

J Yim

Computer Science & Theater And Performance Studies

Emily Zhang

Computer Science, Math, Art Practice

Estella Zhou

Computer Science

Student Leaders

Sofie Roux

Civil Engineering (Architecture) and Mechanical Engineering (Design)

Jinyoung Kim


Student Co-Founders

Brooke Martin

Management Science & Engineering

Brooke Martin

Gopal Raman


Gopal Raman

Faculty Advisor

Tom Byers

Professor, MS&E and Faculty Director, STVP

Tom Byers


Jack Fuchs

Investor, Global Entrepreneur & Adjunct Lecturer, MS&E

Jack Fuchs

Mar Hershenson

Adjunct Lecturer, MS&E

Mar Hershenson

Brandon Farwell

General Partner, Xfund




Hear from entrepreneurs and trailblazers who have had to make difficult decisions and think about ethics in the real world. There will be a total of 6 summer sessions every two weeks between June 30 – Sept 17 held remotely via Zoom.


Fellows engage further with entrepreneurs and one another to hone their own values and principles. Fellows enroll in the following course for 1 unit. There will be a total of 5 sessions that will take place every other Wednesday starting in Week 2. The fall sessions will be held in person and are mandatory.

Program info

What to Expect

The program is an opportunity for 16 Stanford undergraduate and co-term students to explore what it means to develop and practice principles in the context of entrepreneurial businesses. It places students who are working in technology ventures into cohorts of eight students to learn with peers and gain mentorship.

Through readings and bi-weekly meetings, students define a set of principles that resonate with them. These principles will serve as guides for how Fellows shape future teams and select workplaces that align with their values. Fellows engage in small-group discussions with industry guests offering unique perspectives from their own entrepreneurial experiences.

After the program comes to a close, students come away with a heightened understanding of their own values, a close-knit community of peers, and the tools necessary to begin to brave ethical dilemmas in the future.




STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, extends its deep appreciation to Brandon Farwell, Partner at Xfund, for supporting this program for Stanford students.

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