Ethics in Entrepreneurship

Imagine a future where every student of innovation & entrepreneurship is equipped to brave ethical complexity.

Where every student is trained in responsible tech innovation.

Where every leader has developed their personal principles.

STVP is committed to elevating applied ethics in entrepreneurship. We produce world-class teaching materials and research that empower students and enterprises to adopt effective values and principles and utilize them as founders and leaders.

Our Approach

STVP’s Ethics in Entrepreneurship project sets a new standard for entrepreneurship education and research by placing applied ethics at the core. Our approach:

The Challenge

Entrepreneurs shape every aspect of our lives. The effects of breakthrough technologies and disruptive enterprises cut across industries, institutions and academic disciplines. Traditionally, entrepreneurship education and research has made ethics an afterthought, at best. The next generation requires a robust toolkit for creating and scaling technology solutions.

The Opportunity

Join us in propelling a new era of entrepreneurship education and research! We aim to:

Change is possible. We’ve seen it happen. STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, has advanced entrepreneurship education through collaborations with educators around the globe for more than 25 years. Learn more about this pivotal moment in entrepreneurship education and research.


Tom Byers

Professor, MS&E and Faculty Director, STVP

Tom Byers

Riitta Katila

Professor, MS&E and Faculty Director, STVP

picture of Riitta Katila

Brandon Farwell

General Partner, Xfund


Jack Fuchs

Lecturer, MS&E

Jack Fuchs

Anthony Ruth

Director of Strategic Communications, STVP

A Photo of Director of Marketing & Editorial for STVP

Xfund Ethics Fellows

Xfund Ethics Fellows, formerly PEAK Fellows, is an opportunity for Stanford undergraduate and co-term students to explore what it means to develop guiding values and principles in the context of entrepreneurial businesses. It will place students who are working in technology ventures into cohorts of eight fellow students. Through readings and bi-weekly meetings, each student will define a set of principles that resonates with them. These principles will be designed to guide fellows in the future as they shape teams and seek to align their career decisions with their values. The Xfund Ethics Fellows will come away with a heightened understanding of their own values, a close-knit community of peers, and the tools necessary to brave ethical dilemmas in the future.


Principled Entrepreneurial Decisions

This course (ENGR 148/248) examines how leaders tackle significant inflection points that occur in high-growth entrepreneurial companies. Students learn to develop principles as a powerful tool to face tough situations they will encounter in their lives and career. Cases and guest speakers discuss the business rationale for decisions taken and how their principles affected those decisions. A capstone project provides frameworks for students to develop their own set of principles.

Jack Fuchs co-teaches Principled Entrepreneurial Decisions (ENGR 148/248). (Image credit: Andrew Brodhead/Stanford Report)

Select “Purposeful Entrepreneurship” for ethics-specific courses.


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We are grateful for the robust collaboration from colleagues at Stanford and around the world. A very special thank you to the students who’ve worked on Xfund Ethics Fellows. We could not be more fired up about ushering in a new decade of entrepreneurship education that integrates applied ethics.

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