Climate and Sustainability

Our rapidly changing climate is causing a range of environmental problems that threaten our health, economy, planet, and humanity. To solve the climate crisis, we need engineers to develop the technologies that will create more sustainable materials and practices, and we need entrepreneurs to bring these solutions to scale. At every stage, we need leaders who view themselves as global citizens, act in the interest of others, and place the long-term health of the planet above short-term personal gains.

STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, has a unique and imperative role to play in keeping our planet thriving for generations to come. We help aspiring entrepreneurs seize the climate challenge as an opportunity. Leveraging School of Engineering research on sustainability and climate change, we collaborate across Stanford to understand what is unique about climate and sustainability entrepreneurship, train a new generation of entrepreneurs to brave this existential crisis, and engage with educators around the world to create a network of entrepreneurs focused on sustainability.

Our Approach


Train leaders to harness engineering principles, ethical decision making, and emerging technologies to solve major challenges.


Be a catalyst for individual, community, and global change through entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and mindsets.


Lead a movement to educate technology entrepreneurs as global citizens who act in the interest of others.

Programs & research

As part of our commitment to the climate and sustainability space, we are proud to share our current programs and research.

Move Fast & Fix the Planet Podcast

With less than a decade to avert the worst impacts of climate change, we need talented engineers and entrepreneurs to design and scale solutions. In Move Fast and Fix the Planet, Stanford professor Mike Lepech uncovers unique aspects of climate and sustainability entrepreneurship through interviews with experts in innovation, venture capital, policy, and more. Learn what makes them tick and what gives them hope as you gain insights on your path to ecopreneurship. This podcast series is produced by STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center, and supported by Stanford Ecopreneurship Programs.

Climate Focused Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

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Julia Collins, Plant FWD In Brief: To build a sustainable future, we need to focus on decarbonization – and the climate technology market is ripe with opportunity.
Harrison Ford and M. Sanjayan, Conversation International In Brief: Find ways to innovate in the field of conservation. It is fundamental to our survival and has yet to be touched by today’s tech revolution.
Ben Collier, James Kanoff, The Farmland Project In Brief: It’s better to do something than nothing in a crisis, even if you’re underqualified.
John Felts, Cruz Foam In Brief: To scale a technology, engineers need to think beyond the technology itself.
Chris Sacca, Lowercarbon Capital In Brief: What if saving the planet and generating significant financial returns weren’t mutually exclusive?
James Reinhart, thredUp In Brief: Building a marketplace business is inherently challenging, but the upsides are huge if you can find a new way of connecting supply and demand.
Lisa Dyson, Air Protein In Brief: Traditional processes won’t solve climate change, so innovative entrepreneurs must reimagine how we make things.
Joseph DeSimone, Carbon3D Inc. In Brief: Diverse, interdisciplinary teams can drive breakthroughs in both technologies and business models.
David Friedberg, The Climate Corporation In Brief: Friedberg explores essential components in the entrepreneurial experience, including the need to solve real problems, making meaningful impact, and the value of embracing the grind required in reaching success.

Climate Focused Entrepreneurship education

In Spring 2023, we launched a brand new Climate and Sustainability seminar course CEE246D that has continued this Fall. It provides a fresh perspective on global opportunities and challenges with climate change and sustainability by exploring the role of large companies in the innovation ecosystem.  Each week features a different prominent business executive, intrapreneur, or innovator who will share their perspective on the key topics around driving sustainable impact. What is the role of corporations, and in particular the intrapreneurs within large companies to help address the needed speed and scale of climate and sustainability solutions?  How can start-ups and large companies work symbiotically in an ecosystem to accelerate change?  What are the strengths and challenges of addressing large global needs from within large corporations?

The course has been taught by STVP Faculty Michael Lepech, Adjunct Professor Pedram Mokrian and Jeff Wong, who is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Ernst and Young.  See Learning Paths for additional Climate & Sustainability focused classes available by or in partnership with STVP.

Articles & Research

Location Titles
Stanford eCornerScaling a Climate Tech Company
Stanford eCornerNavigating the Pressures of Climate Tech
Stanford eCornerSo You Want to Be a Climate Tech Entrepreneur
YoutubeDissecting Meat Dependence
Youtube The Evolution of Clean Tech Investing


We are grateful for the robust collaboration from colleagues at Stanford and around the world, that have helped us put together our climate and sustainability initiative.

Advisory Council

A special thank you to our climate advisory council.

Dan Dorosin

Partner, Fenwick & West LLP

Radhika Malpani

Lecturer at the Doerr School of Sustainability at Stanford

Bill Ferry

Management Consultant

Pedram Mokrian

Adjunct Lecturer, CEE at Stanford & Partner at Newline Ventures

Kevin Hsu

Doctoral Researcher – MIT

Steve Weinstein

Adjunct Lecturer, MS&E at Stanford University & Founder and CEO of MovieLabs, and Co-founder of KineTrope


Tom Byers

Professor, MS&E and Faculty Director, STVP

Tom Byers

Michael Lepech

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Faculty Director, STVP


Mo Lei Fong

Executive Director, STVP


Pamela Sziebert

Director of Product and Programs, STVP


Holly McCall

Program Manager, STVP


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