STVP Courses: Spring Quarter 2012

By mtharvey | March 27, 2012

Each quarter STVP offers a number of courses to help students build the vital entrepreneurship and innovation skills and experiences needed to start new ventures or to become innovative employees and citizens. Our course lineup for spring quarter 2012 is below, featuring courses in marketing, innovation, entrepreneurial management and more.

Plus, all students interested in entrepreneurship should register for the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar, a one-unit class that offers the unique opportunity to hear the first-hand insights and experiences of an incredible collection of entrepreneurial leaders. Watch and listen to previous DFJ ETL lectures on ECorner.

2011 Mayfield Fellows graduation with Tina SeeligENGR 140: Mayfield Fellows Program – Leadership of Technology Ventures
Instructors: Tom Byers and Tina Seelig
View the ENGR 140 course website.

Only available to students selected for the Mayfield Fellows Program, this first section of the three-part MFP course sequence focuses on understanding management and leadership within high technology startups. Students work with engineering faculty, founders, and venture capitalists, as they explore issues of organizational development, financing, recruitment and market strategy.
Learn about the 2012 Mayfield Fellows.

Kristina Johnson speaking in the spirit of entrepreneurship courseMS&E 178: The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Instructor: Toby Corey
Limited enrollment.

This course teaches students to think like a successful entrepreneur by learning how to analyze key parts of various startup business models. The course uses the speakers at the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leader seminar (MS&E 472) as the source of the companies to be explored.

Students meet before and after each DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders seminar to prepare and debrief, respectively.

MS&E 180: Organizations: Theory and Management
Instructors: Thomas Haymore and Issac Waisberg
Limited enrollment.

This course examines classical and contemporary organization theory. Students will explore the behaviors of individuals, groups, and organizations, and come to understand why certain behaviors impact the management of organizations.
Enrollment preference is given to MS&E majors.

MS&E 271: Global Entrepreneurship Marketing
Instructors: Tom KosnikDonna Novitsky, and Lynda Kate Smith
Limited enrollment.

How do you market technology-based products to a global audience of customers? Learn how in this course that examines cases of startups and other technology firms that are doing this work.

Students will not only learn how to target markets and build partnerships, but will also tackle issues of sales, negotiations, outbound marketing based on real-world examples.

Picture of Stanford Professor Tom Byers

Prof. Tom Byers

MS&E 276: Entrepreneurial Management and Finance
Instructor: Tom Byers
Limited enrollment. Prerequisites: MS&E 140 and ENGR 60, or equivalents.

This course places an emphasis on managing high-growth ventures, especially those based on technology products and services. Students will develop a set of skills and approaches to becoming effective entrepreneurial managers. Topics covered in the course will include opportunity recognition and selection, raising capital, financial management, operations and organizational administration.

MS&E 277: Creativity and Innovation
Instructors: Tina Seelig and Leticia Britos Cavagnaro
Limited enrollment. View the MS&E 277 website.

This popular and highly experiential course explores the variables that stimulate and inhibit creativity and innovation in individuals, teams and organizations.  Through classroom activities, design challenges and interactions with visiting experts, students will learn that every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution.

MBill Gross speaking at DFJ ETLS&E 472: DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar
Instructors: Tom ByersTina Seelig, and Tom Kosnik
Course may be repeated for credit.
View the MS&E 472 course website.

The DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar is a weekly speaker series that presents innovators from across the business, finance, technology, and philanthropy sectors, to share their insights with aspiring entrepreneurs. Through MS&E 472, students have the opportunity to learn real world knowledge from prominent leaders and entrepreneurs.

DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar Speakers – Spring 2012

  • April 11: Jeff Church – Co-Founder, NIKA Water
  • April 18: Gale Anne Hurd – Television/Film Producer & Screenwriter
  • April 25: Frank Quattrone – Founder & CEO, Qatalyst Partners
  • May 2: Rebeca Hwang – CEO, YouNoodle & Elizabeth Samara-Rubio – Founder, StorWatts
  • May 9: Brian Murray – President & CEO, HarperCollins Publishers
  • May 16: Daniel Ek – Co-Founder, Spotify
  • May 23: Adam Lashinsky – Author, Inside Apple
  • May 30: Drew Houston – Co-Founder & CEO, Dropbox