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Mayfield Fellows Program (MFP)

Mayfield Fellows in Class

The Mayfield Fellows Program (MFP) is a nine-month work/study program at Stanford University designed to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the techniques for growing technology companies.

Enrollment is limited to a dozen outstanding Stanford undergraduate or coterminal students from any disciplinary background. The program combines an intense sequence of courses on the management of technology ventures, a paid summer internship at a start-up company, and ongoing mentoring and networking activities. It is a comprehensive entrepreneurship education regarding the key principles of leadership, innovation, and creativity.

MFP runs from April to December each year, and includes spring, summer, and autumn quarters. The application deadline is in early February and new Mayfield Fellows are announced in March. The program begins in April. Students who accept admission to the program become Mayfield Fellows.

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Program Co-Director/Faculty
Tom Byers, Ph.D
Academic Director
Stanford Techology Ventures Program
Professor, Management Science and Engineering
Program Co-Director
Tina Seelig, Ph.D
Executive Director
Stanford Techology Ventures Program
Staff, Management Science and Engineering

Teaching Assistant
Moritz Sudhof