Providing Stanford students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to bring bold ideas to life.

In collaboration with the Department of Management Science & Engineering, STVP delivers a large collection of introductory and advanced entrepreneurship and innovation courses for both undergraduate and graduate Stanford students.

From large lectures to focused cohort experiences, our courses dive deep into the areas of marketing, strategy, innovation, organizational behavior, creativity, finance, law, venture formation, and much more.

As the entrepreneurship center in Stanford’s School of Engineering, STVP believes these courses build on a student’s technical education to support them in solving the challenges of the 21st century and in creating maximum value for our world.

Our sincere thanks to Fenwick & West for supporting our courses taught by adjunct faculty, in partnership with Management Science & Engineering.
Fenwick and West


  • Undergraduate Courses

    Courses may be open to matriculated students of all levels. Contact instructor for approval.

  • ENGR 140A
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers
  • ENGR 140B
    Instructor(s): Tina Seelig
  • ENGR 140C
    Instructor(s): Tina Seelig
  • MS&E 140
    Instructor(s): Vic Stanton
  • ENGR 145
    Instructor(s): Chuck Eesley, Tom Kosnik
  • MS&E 175
    Instructor(s): Riitta Katila
  • MS&E 177
    Instructor(s): Richard Cox, Tina Seelig
  • MS&E 178
    Instructor(s): Ravi Belani, Toby Corey, Emily Ma, Heidi Roizen
  • MS&E 180
    Instructor(s): Kathleen Eisenhardt, Pamela Hinds
  • Graduate Courses

    Courses may be open to matriculated students of all levels. Contact instructor for approval.

  • ME 208
    Instructor(s): Jeffrey Schox
  • MS&E 240
    Instructor(s): Vic Stanton
  • ENGR 245
    Instructor(s): Steve Blank, Jeff Epstein
  • CEE 246
    Instructor(s): Jack Fuchs, Raymond Levitt, Michael Lyons, Pedram Mokrian
  • MS&E 270
    Instructor(s): Kathy Eisenhardt
  • MS&E 271
    Instructor(s): Tom Kosnik, Lynda Kate Smith
  • MS&E 273
    Instructor(s): Michael Lyons
  • MS&E 275
    Instructor(s): Ann Miura-Ko
  • MS&E 276
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers, Trevor Loy
  • MS&E 277
    Instructor(s): Tina Seelig
  • MS&E 280
    Instructor(s): Bob Sutton, Rosanne Siino
  • MS&E 283
  • MS&E 297
    Instructor(s): Steve Blank, Tom Byers, Joe Felter
  • MS&E 298
    Instructor(s): Steve Blank, Joe Felter
  • ME 301
    Instructor(s): Perry Klebahn, Jeremy Utley
  • ME 368
    Instructor(s): Perry Klebahn, Jeremy Utley
  • MS&E 475A
    Instructor(s): Heidi Roizen, Tina Seelig
  • MS&E 475B
    Instructor(s): Heidi Roizen, Tina Seelig
  • Doctoral Courses

  • MS&E 371
  • MS&E 372
    Instructor(s): Chuck Eesley
  • MS&E 376
    Instructor(s): Kathleen Eisenhardt
  • Open to all Stanford students

  • MS&E 472
    Instructor(s): Tom Byers, Tina Seelig
  • MS&E 476
    Instructor(s): John Weyant, Ernestine Fu
  • MS&E 477
    Instructor(s): Ernestine Fu, John Weyant