Build entrepreneurial skills in workshops open to members of the Stanford community.

STVP Sparks are short-term, extracurricular “pop-up classes” on a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Taught by Stanford lecturers or members of the local entrepreneurial community, each Spark consists of one evening session. This makes Sparks an excellent way to expand your entrepreneurial mindset without adding course units.

Upcoming Fall 2017 Sparks

Food-tech: The unsatisfiable market opportunity

with Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Professor, Roma Tre University
Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017
5 to 6:00 p.m.

The first tech entrepreneurs in history were focused on a single market need: our need to eat. From spears to plows, they invented, invested and took risks in order to provide that most necessary of products. Today's food and nutritional challenges, needs, and technologies are very different from those of our ancestors, but no less critical. In this one-evening workshop, author, food-innovation and entrepreneurship expert Carlo Alberto Pratesi – a marketing professor at Roma Tre University – will cover the exciting current and future global entrepreneurial opportunities in ”food-tech.”

The Power of Connectivity: How the Internet of Things (IoT) redefined asset management

with Ken Ehrnman, Co-Founder, I.D. Systems.
Monday, Oct. 16, 2017
5 to 6:00 p.m.

How can objects transmit information? Questions like this led to the creation of the “Internet of Things,” where objects are connected electronically to send data without requiring human interaction. Now, more than 8 billion “things” are connected worldwide, providing data to companies and consumers about their assets in real time. For over 20 years, Ken Ehrman, founder of I.D. Systems, assisted Fortune 100 companies obtain real-time data from their most important assets, including forklift trucks, rental cars, airport vehicles, trailers, and intermodal containers. In this interactive one-evening workshop, Ehrman will discuss his work in IoT, how he turned an idea into a multi-million-dollar public company, and where the IoT industry is headed as it continues to grow.


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