Mayfield Fellows Program

An intense entrepreneurship work/study program for Stanford undergraduates and co-term students.

The Mayfield Fellows Program (MFP) offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to develop theoretical understanding, practical knowledge and leadership skills needed for starting and growing technology companies. Each year 12 students are selected to participate in this nine-month program, combining a sequence of courses, mentoring and networking activities, and a paid internship at a Silicon Valley startup.

2014 Mayfield Fellows

Deanna Badizadegan

Organizational Design and Engineering

Josephine Chen


Thomissa Comellas

Atmosphere/Energy Engineering

Roberto Goizueta

Symbolic Systems

Melanie Goldstein

Music Science and Technology

Lauryn Isford

Management Science and Engineering

Michelle Lee

Chemical Engineering

Saam Motamedi

Computer Science

Jordan Shapiro


Andrew Stutz

Management Science and Engineering

Yael Wulfovich

International Relations

John Yang-Sammataro

Computer Science - Systems



ENGR 140A: Leadership of Technology Ventures
Learn skills of product and market strategy, financing and cash flow management, team building, leadership and growth management.


ENGR 140B: Leadership of Technology Ventures + Internship
Complete a startup internship, keep a journal of the experience, and meet with other members of the cohort to advance learning and share experiences.


ENGR 140C: Leadership of Technology Ventures
Develop integrative project reports and teach living case studies on your experience to the other Fellows, faculty, and members of the community.


Tina Seelig

Tina Seelig

Tom Byers

Program Info and Application

MFP provides a select group of Stanford students with a comprehensive entrepreneurship education in the key principles of leadership, innovation, strategy and creativity. The program runs from April to December, and includes a sequence of courses on the management of technology ventures, as well as a world-class paid internship opportunity during the summer.

Throughout the program, students also learn directly from other engineering faculty, startup founders, and venture capitalists from the community.

Enrollment is limited to a dozen outstanding Stanford undergraduate or co-term students from any discipline or major. The application period runs from early January through early February, and new Mayfield Fellows are announced in March.

Students who apply will be asked to provide a transcript, resume/CV, a minimum of two letters of recommendation, as well as thoughtful responses to prompt questions.

The application for the 2015 Mayfield Fellows Program is now closed.


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Employer Info and Application

Mayfield Fellows take paid internships with innovative early-stage companies during the summer session, allowing each Fellow to demonstrate his or her innovation, analytic and design skills on high-impact projects. As part of the internship experience, we require each Fellow to be assigned a senior level mentor within the company (e.g., CEO, VP, or founder).

Although another employee may supervise a Fellow, it is critical that each Fellow have a senior internal sponsor concerned with his or her welfare, and who is willing to meet one-on-one with the student to check progress and goals. Participating companies pay Fellows during the summer internship for three months of work. The exact amount is negotiated directly with the Fellow.

Participating companies also participate in MFP-sponsored activities during the program. For example, each company hosts a summer open house for the other Fellows in the cohort, and during autumn quarter, employers may participate as guest speakers or case participants in the course.

In all aspects of these activities, STVP protects the intellectual property of companies in a professional manner. Our mission is to expose Stanford students to the reality of the entrepreneurial process in a variety of high technology ventures, not to put participating companies at risk.In order to qualify as a mentor company for the Mayfield Fellows Program, your company must:

  • be located in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • be in a high-potential, growth-oriented business
  • be at an early growth stage (either pre-IPO or public in past three years)
  • have fewer than 250 employees and revenue < $100 million/year

Interested companies may apply by completing the short online application, which will be available through early June. Companies that apply to be MFP employers are not guaranteed to have their offers of employment accepted by a Fellow.