STVP empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to become global citizens who create and scale responsible innovations


Our Vision

Imagine a future where every entrepreneur sees themself as a global citizen who acts in the interest of others. A future where responsible innovation practices are standard operating procedure. A future where entrepreneurs scale solutions that elevate joy, health, and prosperity for all.


As humanity grapples with dilemmas of extraordinary complexity and global scale, Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), housed in Stanford University’s School of Engineering, is leading a movement to educate leaders who will solve the major challenges of the 21st century. STVP delivers transformational experiences that equip aspiring entrepreneurs — from all disciplines and areas of the world — with the ability to solve problems by harnessing engineering principles, ethical decision-making, and emerging technologies.


Our vision anchors on three strategic action areas:

  • Advance ground-breaking research on technology entrepreneurship and innovation. STVP’s leading-edge scholarly research creates a deep understanding of start-up performance and growth, technology innovation, and entrepreneurial policy. Our rigorous approach provides accessible insights that entrepreneurs apply in practice, while also improving the theoretical understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Create and deliver teaching and learning approaches that develop entrepreneurs as global citizens. In STVP’s innovative educational programs, Stanford students from every discipline gain transformative learning experiences, a community of talent, and Stanford Engineering’s spirit of groundbreaking technology innovation. Our pioneering pedagogies and widely accessible curriculum resources power learning experiences around the world.
  • Scale responsible innovation practices with stakeholders in communities around the world. STVP is leading an inclusive, global movement that elevates the standards of entrepreneurship. Working with diverse communities of entrepreneurship educators, startup teams, investors, and policymakers, we strengthen ecosystems together.

At STVP, we blaze new paths for powerful experiential teaching, uncover novel research insights, foster knowledge networks that span the globe, and activate aspiring entrepreneurs to create meaningful change in their lives and for their communities. With more than 25 years of impact and a vibrant global network, STVP is uniquely positioned to lead the next wave of entrepreneurship education.