Spark: The Power of Pretotyping

By mtharvey | September 12, 2014

STVP Sparks are short-term, extracurricular “pop-up classes” on a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Taught by Stanford adjunct faculty or a member of the local entrepreneurial community, each Spark consists of three night sessions, one night a week for three weeks. This makes Sparks an excellent way to expand your entrepreneurial mindset without adding course units. All members of the Stanford community may enroll in Sparks, but space is highly limited, so register now.

The Power of Pretotyping
with Alberto Savoia, Co-Founder, Pretotype Labs
October 15, 22 and 29 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Most new products and companies do not fail due to poor execution, but because they are The Wrong ‘It’ – ideas that sounded good in theory, but prove to be uninteresting to the market.

Pretotyping is an approach to innovation and new product development that will dramatically increase your odds of market success by helping you test if your idea is The Right ‘It’. Join Albert Savoia in this Spark that will introduce you to Pretotyping, and learn how you can help your company or organization test innovative ideas to make sure you have The Right ‘It’ before you invest in building ‘it’ right.