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Year at a Glance

Winter Quarter: Students submit applications and transcripts throughout January. The directors, faculty and industry mentors conduct interviews in mid-February with a select set of applicants. Students who gain admission to the program become Mayfield Fellows and will be notified no later than early March.

Spring Quarter: Students take the engineering course E140A while also making arrangements for a summer internship. The Mayfield Fellows program will provide a list of pre-screened start-up companies interested in hiring a Fellow and assist Fellows in finding an internship when possible. However, it remains the responsibility and choice of the individual Fellow to find an internship from our list of interested companies or to independently arrange an internship with another start-up not on our list.

Engineering 140A, Leadership of Technology Ventures
This is the initial course for students selected as Mayfield Fellows. The three-course sequence focuses on aspects of functional operations and leadership in high technology start-ups. E140A surveys entrepreneurial skills related to product and market strategy, venture financing and cash flow management, team building and leadership strategies, and the challenges of managing growth and handling adversity in start-ups. Other engineering faculty, start-up founders, and venture capitalists participate in the course as appropriate. An accounting course (e.g., MS&E140, Econ90 or equivalent) is recommended. Open to Mayfield Fellows only. 3 (4) units, Spring (Byers)

Summer Employment: Companies compensate students directly based upon guidelines set by the program. Students also participate in a course (E140B), with credit officially given during the autumn quarter. Each student hosts an open house at his or her company.

Engineering 140B, Leadership of Technology Ventures
This course is taken over the summer quarter during the student's work at the start-up company. Students meet throughout the summer to exchange experiences and continue the formal learning process. Students keep a journal to capture their summer experience and host open houses at their company. Credit is given during autumn quarter so that students do not have to register for summer quarter. Open to Mayfield Fellows only. 1 (2) unit, Summer (Byers)

Autumn Quarter: Students take a required "debriefing course" (E140C) to share experiences with other Mayfield Fellows and faculty. No delay in graduation results from participation in the program. Students can walk for graduation in June and then return to campus in September for the final course.

Engineering 140C, Leadership of Technology Ventures
Taken in the autumn quarter following the internship, this debriefing course allows students, faculty, employers, and venture capitalists to share and compare recent work experiences. Students develop "living" case studies and integrative project reports. Open to Mayfield Fellows only. 2 (3) units, Autumn (Byers)

Note: MS&E472 - Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar
Although not required for participation in the Mayfield Fellows Program, attendance in this course is strongly encouraged in conjunction with both E140A and E140C. 1 unit, Autumn, Winter, Spring (Byers, Kosnik, Seelig)