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Meet the 2008 Mayfield Fellows:

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Below are testimonials from graduates of the Mayfield Fellow Program:

"The Mayfield Fellows Program is one of the best things I have done here at Stanford. Simply put, by asking me to explore perspectives I had never considered, MFP opened the door to a flood of opportunities I had not even known were possible. I saw the intersection of science and entrepreneurship under the leadership of a great CEO and the PhDs who had invented the technology."

"Over the last nine months, I've realized that entrepreneurship is about so much more than technology. From leadership and negotiation, to markets and customers, there's a lot in addition to science that I now know I want to understand."

"I couldn't imagine a stronger group of 12 to go forward with and tackle the problems of our century."

"The Mayfield Fellows Program has certainly been the most life-changing experience I have had the fortune to be a part of. Looking back at who I was at the beginning of this journey relative to who I am now, I see a tremendous positive change."

"Having done and seen so many presentations in MFP, I feel that I have significantly improved my ability to present and feel that this skill will be very useful in my career ahead."

"The Mayfield fellows program has shown me that if I desire to be, I can be an entrepreneur. I am no longer an aspiring entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur in my own right."

"The Mayfield Fellows Program has done exactly what it promised to do and more. I am a better entrepreneur, teammate, and a better person."

"The unique component of MFP that cannot be found in other avenues is being surrounded by 11 of the brightest Stanford students for 9 months and learning from each other. Witnessing the strengths and weakness of each other allows each fellow to better understand him/herself."

"The true value of MFP is that each year the program empowers a dozen bright individuals to realize that they are free to pursue their dreams and unleashes them into the world with the confidence and the tools to make a difference."

"I can say without hesitation that the Mayfield Fellows Program has been the best, most challenging, and rewarding experience of my Stanford career. I often pinch myself to be sure that this is reality and not a dream."

"The Mayfield Fellows Program has instilled in me a confidence and a passion that, when combined with the naive wholehearted belief that anything is possible, the sky truly is the limit."