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Student Information

Program Eligibility

The Mayfield Fellows Program is an intense 9-month program, designed to immerse students in the theory and practice of entrepreneurial leadership. The learning in this program occurs both in and out of the classroom. Students should understand that they will be taking classes during all three academic terms, and absence from only a minimal number of sessions is acceptable. For example, a student who knows that he or she will miss two or more classroom sessions during E140A in the Spring should consider not entering the program. The program's schedule should be considered when scheduling vacations to avoid unnecessary absences. In addition, the program will sponsor a number of workshops, field trips, and other events outside the classroom. These extra sessions are an essential component of the learning process, and they are to be treated with the same attention as the classroom sessions.

MFP is designed for current undergraduate or coterminal students who:

  1. are majoring in any field of study, are interested in entrepreneurship, possess strong leadership skills, and
  2. will hold at least sophomore level standing in their major during the spring quarter, and
  3. will be enrolled for at least 9 units for the spring and autumn quarters, and
  4. are available for full-time employment during the summer and for enrollment in all E140 courses.
  5. Mayfield Fellows typically have GPAs of 3.5 or greater.

For example, the following students are eligible for the program:

During spring and autumn quarters a minimum of 9 units is required to ensure that students are involved in academic and Stanford life at least half time. Students who cannot make this commitment will not be able to fully participate in all aspects of MFP and are discouraged from applying. Registration for E140B is in the autumn quarter. Final determinations for eligibility will be made by the program directors.

Please note that there are no official course prerequisites to participate in the Mayfield Fellows Program or E140. Some students may find that introductory courses, such as accounting or E145: Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship, are helpful. See the full list of STVP courses.

Student FAQ

Question: What is the deadline to turn in my application?
Answer: The deadline is in early February; the exact date and time will be listed each year at the start of the application period. All application materials must be submitted in full by the deadline.

Question: Where do I turn in my application?
Answer: Submit your application following the instructions on the MFP Application Page.

Question: How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the Program?
Answer: Students must have sophomore, junior, senior, or coterminal standing. Please see the Eligibility and Requirements Page for more information.

Question: Do my recommendations necessarily need to come from a professor?
Answer: No, the recommendations you submit for your application can also come from previous employers or others who know you well.

Question: When will I find out if I am accepted to the program?
Answer: A group of students will be selected from the initial applicant pool for interviews with MFP program staff in February. The program directors and admissions committee will make final decisions by March 1.

Question: How many students will be accepted into the program?
Answer: We accept 12 students into the program.

Question: If I am accepted to the MFP program, am I guaranteed a job with one of the participating companies?
Answer: Pre-screened start-up companies will interview students and make employment offers in the spring quarter. These interviews can be initiated both by the companies and by the students. While it is impossible to guarantee that every student accepted to the program will be placed, the program does guarantee that there will be a sufficient pool of participating companies to help ensure employment placement. Every effort will be made to place all students. Students who are unsuccessful in getting an offer receive credit for the spring course but will not continue in the program. In recent years, all students have had multiple offers.

Question: What salary can I expect from the summer employment?
Answer: Companies are expected to contribute to this facet of the program's operation. Students are paid at least $10,000 (about $20 per hour) for 12 weeks of summer employment. Additional salary and benefits are at the employer's discretion, but should be commensurate with wages in the current market.

Question: Is there a support structure during the summer employment tour?
Answer: In addition to E140B course sessions, there will be informal meetings with fellow MFP students during the summer. Also, the group email will allow for constant communication.

Question: Are the program courses required?
Answer: Yes, Engineering 140A, 140B, and 140C are all required for participating students. E140B credit is given in autumn quarter.

Question: I was wondering about the program's schedule during the summer. Is there any vacation time allotted during the summer, or do the individual companies work that out with their students? Does work begin immediately after spring classes? Does it continue right up until fall quarter classes?
Answer: Each student works out individual terms of employment with his/her company. There are some basic guidelines, such as a minimum salary, involvement in the mentoring program, agreement to host an open house, and participation in some class sessions. Other than that, it is entirely up to the individual student. In the past, most students have worked at least 10 weeks during the course of the summer. Sometimes a student will take a week of vacation in the middle of the summer and adjust his or her start/end dates to compensate.

Question: Must I be a registered student during the summer?
Answer: No, credit for E140B is given in the autumn quarter.