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Doctoral Studies

The STVP doctoral program prepares students to conduct research in technology entrepreneurship and business strategy. Following completion of the program, most graduates choose to pursue academic careers at leading business schools. Doctoral students working within STVP are enrolled in the Department of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) in the following concentration areas:

Organization, Technology and Entrepreneurship:
Policy and Strategy:

MS&E offers the only doctoral program in strategy and organization in the United States located within an engineering school. Our doctoral students combine studies in engineering, management, sociology, psychology, and economics to gain a unique and balanced perspective on strategy and organization.

MS&E faculty have international reputations as leading researchers in the field of organization studies. No other program in the US boasts a higher ratio of faculty who are acknowledged experts in qualitative field methods. The program stresses rigorous research on real world problems.

Doctoral students within STVP not only take courses in MS&E but also have full access to Stanford's entire organization studies community, which is one of the largest and most highly regarded in the country. The faculty welcomes applications from students with either social science or technical degrees. The mixing of engineering and social science is the department's trademark.

Doctoral student within STVP typically complete degree requirements in 4-5 years. Students complete both a written comprehensive exam and a second-year paper, displaying both a literature review covering the first two years of coursework, and some original analysis in organizational studies. Within STVP, doctoral students become quickly involved in STVP-sponsored research, and utilize STVP resources in their dissertation work.

For general information about the doctoral program and requirements please refer to

For more information please contact:
Lori Cottle: lcottle [-at-] stanford.edu